Photographer / Designer

Mitch Conrad

(269) 921-3375

Hello! My name is Mitch Conrad and I’m a photographer based out of West Michigan. For about 4 years I’ve been shooting product, people and lifestyle photography. My studio in Holland, Michigan, Studio 451, is a fully stocked commercial photography studio ready for your next project.

My goal is to create images that you are passionate about and that meet the needs of you or your business. Whether it’s a perfectly overflowing beer, crisp in-studio fashion or anything else you bring my way, I’ll make sure it is photographed the best it can be.

Fun Facts: I’m a vintage guitar nut (the photo to the left was my first experience with a real Sunburst Les Paul, still get giddy thinking about it). I love motorcycles, especially 30’s and 40’s Harley and Indians as well as 60’s British bikes. I love vintage cameras and shooting film (Tri-X 400 is my 35mm and 120 go to).

I’m always interested in helping give a voice to important stories. Whether you’re a church, NGO, non profit or some other individual or organization in need of photography to help move your mission forward, please feel free to reach out.

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